Santorini – A Fairy-tale Island?

October 29, 2018 3

Greece, one of the famous sea destinations in the world has around 6000 islands known for their dramatic views, active volcanoes, and stunning sunsets. Of all these islands, Santorini has grabbed everyone’s attention in the recent times with its charming white-washed houses, blue domes, exotic beaches, the active volcano, archaeological sites, huge cliffs and the…

By Shreya Kothari

My Skydiving Experience

September 16, 2018 1

I wish that I could fly, Into the sky So very high, Just like a dragonfly I’d fly above the trees, Over the seas In all degrees, To anywhere I please Yeah! I grew up murmuring those lyrics from Lenny Kravitz’s song ‘Fly Away’. Dreaming about the feeling of flying high in the sky, over…

By Shreya Kothari