Weekend In The Hague – 10 Awesome Things To Do

Weekend In The Hague – 10 Awesome Things To Do

September 30, 2018 2 By Shreya Kothari

From city life to beach life, the third largest city in the Netherlands has something to offer for everyone. Amsterdam is the official capital of the Netherlands, but Hague is the political center. It is the city where the government sits. From sailing in the canals to strolling through the narrow lanes in the city center and from enjoying water sports on the beach to visiting the world famous peace palace, The Hague is one unique city in the Netherlands with a lot of things to do. Here is a list of top things to do in the Hague on a weekend.

#1 Bike in the historic city of the Hague:

The Hague is a relatively small city with dedicated bicycle paths. You can reach most of the destinations within 20 minutes. There are also plenty of parking spaces available throughout the city. Most of the museums, historic buildings, and shopping lanes are nearby the city center and hence biking on a nice sunny day is one of the best things to do in the Hague. Some companies also offer guided bicycle tours in the Hague. If you are traveling solo and want to bicycle with a group of new people then it is a good option.

Pro Tip: Take some packs of famous Dutch stroopwafel cookies and water with you while you bike. Eating the delicious Dutch snack while biking makes the experience even better.

The Canals

Bike in the Hague

The Hague Central


#2 Spend a day at the rope park:

Getting involved in sports is one of the best ways to spend your weekend. Rope courses help you to focus, concentrate and complete the obstacle at hand. Exercising and having fun amidst nature is also a very good way of getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can improve your flexibility and muscle strength if you do rope courses regularly. We choose Vlietland in the Hague for the rope course, and it was awesome. The walk from the nearest bus station to the venue was also a very refreshing one. I definitely recommend Vlietland to everyone. They also have some water sports, camping and dining facilities, we packed lunch from home but you can choose to dine in between the woods.

Pro Tip: Go early and have a walk on their hiking route. The 12 km route is surrounded by trees and water bodies making the hiking experience very refreshing.

Rope Park


Rope Park


Hiking Route


Hiking Route


#3 Relax at Scheveningen:

Sun, Sea, and Sand! It can’t get better than that on a weekend. Scheveningen beach is just a 20 min tram ride from the city center and it has a lot to offer for everyone. You can take a walk on the boulevard, soak in the sun, swim, engage in water sports and enjoy the sunset while dining in one of the best beachside restaurants. Scheveningen also has the famous pier which you can visit free of cost. The pier has a 40m tall Ferris wheel and a 350m long zip line. The calming sounds and sights of Scheveningen will definitely put you in a state of peace and make it a lot easier to let go of anything on your mind when you’re enjoying the melodious sights, smells, and sounds of nature.

Pro Tip: If you are into water sports, make advance bookings for renting sports equipment, they get full quickly.

The Waves


The Scheveningen Pier


#4 Take a free walking tour:

One of the best ways to begin exploring the city of Hague is to join a free walking tour. The tour is run by locals and the concept of the tour is that there is no fixed cost or ticket you need to buy at the beginning of the tour. You just need to tip the guide as much as you please at the end of the tour. So you decide what the tour was worth. Since the tour is run by local guides, you get very good information on the history and culture of the city. The guides will also recommend some good places to dine and visit. This tour is definitely worth your time.

Pro Tip: Wear sports shoes during this trip so you don’t get tired walking but instead enjoy the scenic views

Picturesque Hague

Boat Cafe


#5 Shop, Watch Movie, Dine:

Spending quality time with family is very important! And what better way to do so, than taking everyone shopping, watching a movie, and dining. Well, things get even better when all of it can be done at the same place. The Hague city center has it all. Stores from well-known brands, movie theatre and a variety of restaurants offering different cuisines. Right from apparel to home and furnishing, The Hague city center has stores which can satisfy all your needs. All the well-known brands have their outlets there. The movie theatre Pathe is right in heart of the city center and hosts a number of movies in Dutch, English, Hindi etc. It has shows running all day round. You can also find a variety of restaurants offering different cuisines like the Mediterranean, Indian, Italian, Dutch, Mexican and so on.

Pro Tip: If you are a movie buff and love watching movies every week, then you can get a Pathe unlimited card for 20 euros a month. It will give you unlimited access to regular films.

City Center


#6 Visit Madurodam:

The best way to see all the highlights of the Netherlands in a short time is to visit this interactive miniature park. It has everything that the Netherlands is known for, the windmills, tulips, canal houses, wooden shoe factories, cheese market and more. This indoor park is a 10 min ride from the city center and is definitely worth a visit to know all about the Dutch heritage and history.

Pro Tip: Madurodam is very near to the beach, so you can club your Madurodam visit with sunset at the beach.




#7 Take a guided tour of the peace palace:

The Hague is known as the international city of Peace and Justice. It is home to the Peace Palace, where the International Court of Justice sits. It’s the only part of UN which is not in New York. Not only does this building hold great historical significance, but it’s also very beautiful and one of the most photographed locations in the Hague. On specific days in a year, the peace palace offers guided tours for the public. You should definitely take one of the tours. The palace gardens are also very beautiful to take a stroll and a couple of photos.

Pro Tip: Make sure you check dates of tour availability and book in advance. The tickets get booked really fast.

Peace Palace


#8 Go on a weekend photo walk:

The Hague is a very picturesque location. You can get out on your foot on a weekend and click some spectacular photos at the canals located in different parts of the city. Then you can head to the Hofvijver lake, it is an artificial lake right opposite Binnehof and a perfect opportunity to take a picture with the Hague’s skyline with Binnenhof, Mauritshuis and modern architecture on the background. From here you can either go to photograph the historical buildings in the Hague or head to the Haagse market and do some street photography. If you are not hungry or tired by now, you can go to the beach and capture the beautiful sunset as well.

Pro Tip: Make sure you take some pictures of houses on the way since Hague has some of the most beautiful houses.

Canals in the Hague

Sunset at Scheveningen

The birds in the Hofvijver lake


#9 Visit one of the largest multicultural market in Europe:

Luckily, The Hague hosts one of the biggest multicultural markets. This market has everything from fresh vegetables and fruits to clothing and electronics. But that’s not the best part. The best part is that its modern, multicultural and most importantly inexpensive. This market is operational 4 days a week and luckily one of the days of operation is a Saturday. You can easily spend a couple of hours here shopping for fruits, vegetables, apparel, beauty or electronic products.

Pro Tip: There are lots of Asian grocery shops near the Haagse market. You can club your visit to the Haagse market with grocery shopping and combine fun with work.

Haagse Market

Haagse Market

Haagse Market

Haagse Market


#10 Spend an evening dining at the Hague Tower:

With a height of 132m, the Hague tower is the third tallest building in the Hague. This tower hosts Netherland’s highest restaurant. The restaurant offers the best views of the entire city and is a perfect destination for dinner with someone special on a Friday or Saturday evening. Their Menu has quite a few vegetarian options so even vegetarians can enjoy.

Pro Tip: If you are in the Hague in September, then the entry to the Hague tower is free on heritage days. So you can choose to go to the top of the tower on the heritage weekend.

Netherland’s tallest restaurant













The Hague is one of the most picturesque cities in the Netherlands and definitely, a must visit.